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Qualifications and Studying

Professional skills ranging from basic qualifications to specialist vocational qualifications. The language of education and training at Sataedu is Finnish. (more information here)

At Sataedu, students can complete

  • basic vocational qualifications
  • further vocational qualifications
  • specialist vocational qualifications
  • parts of various qualifications

Basic vocational qualification serves as the basis for professional competence

The completion of a basic vocational qualification prepares the student for working life and qualifies him or her for further study. It is suitable for an applicant with little or no work experience in the field.

The extent of a basic vocational qualification is 180 competence points (cp). The duration of the studies is individual, because previous studies and work experience may shorten the study period. The maximum duration of the studies is approximately three years.

Structure of a basic qualification, 180 cp

Vocational parts of the qualification, 145 cp

  • parts of the qualification which are compulsory to all those completing the qualification
  • elective parts of the qualification

Common parts of the qualification, 35 cp

  • bolster societal and working life competences, communication and interaction skills and mathematical-scientific competence

Further vocational qualification and specialist vocational qualification deepen professional competence

Further vocational qualification is suitable for an applicant who has already completed basic training in the field or has acquired equivalent competence in working life. Further vocational qualification demonstrates competence that is deeper than in a basic qualification.

The extent of a further vocational qualification is 120, 150 or 180 competence points, depending on the qualification. The qualification consists of compulsory and elective parts.

Specialist vocational qualification requires sound professional skills and solid work experience in the field. The student shall demonstrate comprehensive management of professional skills and competence.

The extent of a specialist vocational qualification is 160, 180 or 210 competence points. The qualification consists of compulsory and elective parts.

Further and specialist vocational qualifications can also be completed while working.

Sataedu’s basic vocational qualifications

Sataedu has vocational upper secondary qualification in

Audiovisual Communication
Beauty Care
Business and Administration
Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology
Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services
Information and Communications Technology
Metalwork and Machinery
Property Maintenance Services
Social and Health Care
Textiles and Clothing
Tourism Industry
Vehicle Sector
Visual Expression