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Better competence and well-being

We act in accordance with our vision “Better Competence and Well-being”.

Our values are

  • Individuality

Our educational services are individual and flexible.

  • Enthusiasm

Our activities are communal and inspiring.

  • Safety

We are all responsible for the well-being and safety of the students and the staff.


Sataedu’s Strategy 2020–2024

Approved at the Federation Meeting May 28th, 2020

Sataedu serves both the working life and the student

Sataedu serves

· by improving the working life and by producing competent workforce

· the learner by offering a path to employment, further studies and a good life.

Essential actions

· organizing teaching and counseling in a way that ensures the progress of studies

· predicting the needs of the working life

· functional cooperation with the working life

For Satakunta region, the key fields at Sataedu are Automation, Mechanical and Production Engineering, and Social Services and Health Care.

The Progress of Studies is Ensured with Organized Teaching and Guidance Services

We ensure that the learners are equipped with good quality competence that benefits the working life. It is also important to ensure that the competence hits the target. We provide the learners with a healthy, safe and multicultural study and learning environment. We support the graduation of our students and ensure smooth transition to working life and further studies.

We are pioneers in future learning environments and in developing pedagogy. We take digitalization and customer orientation into consideration with pedagogical development.

We take care of continuous learning and we are ready for change as we develop our students’ competence.

We offer teaching and guidance on all work days throughout the year.

Together with the working life we are increasing on-the-job learning. At the beginning of studies, the learner receives more teaching in our teaching environments, and at the later stage in the studies on-the-job learning is emphasized more.

In our own learning environments, we ensure that the learner gets basic occupational competence.

The competence demonstrations are done in real work situations in a genuine work environment.

Internationality is a part of our learners’ study paths.

We enable a smooth transition from preparatory and rehabilitant education to qualification education and eventually to working life. We also support our students’ transition to further studies.

We reinforce common and uniform teaching methods. In teaching and guidance, we use diverse and individual learning environments which are suitable for the learner.

We use a pedagogical handbook which gives a more detailed account on the methods and principles of this strategy’s goals.

Predicting the Requirements of Working Life

We assess the contents, structure and focus of the qualifications and study units regularly together with the working life. We also aim to ensure that the qualifications and study units are up-to-date. Together with our partners we predict the region’s needs for education.

When a student gets their qualification from Sataedu, they have strong basic skills for working in diverse and multicultural environments. We reinforce and develop the digital skills that are necessary in the working life.

Those study fields that have challenges in effectiveness have reduced intake in the joint application process and we emphasize continuous application.

When developing our staff’s competence, we work proactively and systematically. The key aspects for the study fields are the competence of the teams and the balance of competence. The development of the teams’ competence is based on the team’s skills map. We ensure that the competence of our staff is up-to-date.

Functional Cooperation with the Working Life

Learning that is organized at a work place ensures that there is competent workforce available for the working life. We reinforce our learners’ chances with finding employment right after graduation, and when it comes to apprenticeships, employment is found during the studies.

Together with the authorities and representatives of working life we develop models that promote the employment of those individuals who have difficulties finding work. These models also help those individuals with finding opportunities to learn on the job.

The labor market training that leads to a qualification is implemented in a way that meets the requirements of the working life.

By reinforcing cooperation with companies and authorities, we answer the recruitment challenges of companies and the development of the workforce’s competence.

We invest in educating immigrants and in developing their language skills. We also develope suitable guidance and career planning services for them. We improve the matching of immigrants with employers and we also develop methods that promote employment.

We inform employers about our competence development services.

With the strong cooperation between Sataedu Oy and the Educational Federation, we ensure that the business sector has an opportunity to get training that matches the sector’s needs.

In addition, the principles of leadership, personnel policy and sustainable development are included in Sataedu’s strategy.

Leadership and Personnel Policy

When it comes to leadership, we emphasize transparency and equality. The teaching is carried out in teams, and we lead and monitor the teaching results of those teams. We strengthen our leadership with knowledge.

At Sataedu, the work of supervisors is guided by common rules. With good human resource management, we enable the development of both teams and individuals. We are increasing quality know-how throughout our organization.

We support the well-being and participation of Sataedu’s employees in many ways: we are implementing new rewarding methods and we improve the flexibility of work by developing distance work opportunities and diverse work environments.

When it comes to problems with work abilities, we enable a low threshold for intervention and getting help. We strengthen the role of occupational health care as a partner in preventative care. We try and implement new methods for maintaining physical and emotional well-being.

We pay attention to the building of Sataedu’s image as an employer. We work proactively when it comes to personnel planning and developing competence.

Sustainable Development

In our operations, we invest in cultural and social sustainability. We encourage our students to be active citizens and to appreciate their own culture as well as foreign cultures. We also encourage our students to cherish cultural diversity. We strengthen our students’ skills in lifelong learning and skills in adapting to the changing circumstances in working life and society.

We take sustainable development into consideration when it comes to the content and the implementation of teaching. The students and graduated students understand the meaning of sustainable development in their own actions.

We consider sustainable development when maintaining our real estate and implementing our real estate strategy.

We take sustainable development into consideration when making purchases, and when it comes to cooperation, we favor partners who are environmentally friendly.

Our goal is to work in a way that minimizes carbon footprint.


The above is Sataedu’s strategy for the years 2020–2024. The actions in the strategy will be timed for different years in the budget. The goals will be in the budget as well.

In addition, the basis of this strategy consists of the equality plan, the real estate strategy and the pedagogical handbook, which all guide Sataedu’s operations. The equality plan, the real estate strategy and the pedagogical handbook will be implemented during the years 2020–2024. These plans support the implementation of Sataedu’s strategy, and they are a part of Sataedu’s set of values.