Sataedu provides vocational education, as well as further and additional training, which bolsters professional skills. We operate locally, nationally and internationally. We provide education in Harjavalta, Huittinen, Kankaanpää, Kokemäki, Nakkila, Parkano, Rauma, Tampere and Ulvila.

We have

  • approximately 5 000 students
  • approximately 300 staff members, of whom 65 per cent are teaching staff
  • 10 units

Get to know our educational options

We provide

  • education leading to a qualification
  • education preparing for vocational education
  • additional and continuing education
  • card training
  • online training



Sataedu Ltd provides educational services for working life

Sataedu Ltd, which is owned by Satakunta Educational Federation, carries out

  • integration training for adult immigrants
  • language training
  • further training for those with professional qualifications in the transport sector
  • jointly purchased training to meet the needs of enterprises and other employers
  • other types of market-based training
  • and maintains the test-driving track approved by Traficom in Huittinen
  • education export