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Support for choices and encouragement in studies

Sataedu has eight study counsellors, who help the applicant find his or her study path and support the student through their studies.

Study Counsellor

  • pays attention to the applicant’s and student’s points of interest and his or her desires for employment and further studies, and guides him or her towards individual educational and career paths
  • supports the elimination of study obstacles and the attainment of objectives
  • pays attention to the student’s needs for special support or other support services
  • promotes the well-being of the student and the whole work community
  • guides the student in cooperation with the group supervisor and teachers so that the student can develop his or her strengths and learning skills
  • appreciates the student’s success and encourages him or her to proceed

Student welfare supports health and well-being

The purpose of student welfare is to promote the well-being of the students and the institutional community and the cooperation between home and the educational institution.

The student is entitled to personal student welfare.
When necessary, the student will be assisted by the following student welfare professionals:

  • Study Counsellor
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Social Welfare Counsellor
  • Psychologist