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For Companies Recruiting from Abroad

Sataedu offers a range of training opportunities and support for companies planning to recruit from abroad. Find out more about what we offer and the different cooperation opportunities below.

Training in the country of origin for employees coming to Finland

Sataedu has extensive experience in training in the country of origin. We have organised country of origin training in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Estonia. In addition to the country of origin, training is also provided online and as hybrid training in the country of origin and online. Training can also be organised on the job once the employee arrives in Finland.

In the training sessions organised by Sataedu in the country of origin, employees learn about:

  • Finnish language and culture and
  • Finnish working life and society

Training for Host Companies

Successful work-based immigration requires that the receiving company prepares for the newcomers. Sataedu offers the following coaching to host companies in addition to labour training:

  • Management and leadership in a multicultural workplace
  • Assessment of language skills in recruitment situations
  • Using plain language in the workplace
  • Additional and refresher training in Finnish language
  • Working with an interpreter in work situations
  • Training for workplace counsellors for the guidance of newcomers or future jobseekers

We also offer language training for the work community in English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish.

Job Shadowing Periods for Partner Companies

Finnish companies cooperating with Sataedu in the field of working life have the opportunity to send a representative abroad for a job shadowing period. The duration of the visit with a Sataedu representative to an international partner can be between 2 and 60 days. The Erasmus+ programme covers travel and accommodation costs.

During the period, the company representative will have the opportunity to get to know the foreign working culture, international students who may be participate in an international mobility period through Sataedu and to network with new companies and institutions.

The placement period for a potential international student is cost-effective in terms of company resources. For the company’s staff, it is also a low-threshold internationalisation, a so-called ’home internationalisation’.

Sataedu will start planning the mobilities with the interested parties, and these mobilities will take place in the academic year 2024-2025.