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Competence development plan guides through the studies

At the beginning of the studies, an educational path, meeting the individual needs, and a personal competence development plan (PCDP) are prepared for each student. This is called personalisation of studies.

The student and the teacher in charge shall prepare the PCDP together. The Study Counsellor, the Special Needs Teacher or, in apprenticeship training, the representative of the workplace may also participate in the preparation of the plan. The PCDP is entered into the Wilma system, where it is available to the student, teachers and, in case of students under 18 years of age, his or her guardians.

Previous competence and acquisition of new skills are at the core of the PCDP

The studentʼs previous competence is recognised and acknowledged in the personal competence development plan. Thus, the student can focus on acquiring new skills and receive the necessary guidance and support. The plan is updated, as necessary.

The personal competence development plan shall include

  • information on previous competence
  • required competence and how it is acquired
  • development and demonstration of competence
  • individual guidance and support measures

Demonstrations of competence

The student shall prove his or her new acquired skills in demonstrations of competence, i.e. by carrying out practical work tasks in real work situations. Demonstrations of competence are planned separately for each part of the qualification. For example, demonstration tasks in the catering sector may include setting of a table and recycling of waste.

The provider of education is responsible for the implementation of the demonstrations and shall designate the evaluators of the demonstrations. One evaluator shall be a teacher and the other a representative of working life. Both evaluators shall have sufficient professional skills and knowledge of the foundations of the qualification required for evaluation purposes.