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Virtual Workshops as a Part of International Cooperation

International activities continue at Sataedu, even though travelling cannot be included in these activities at the moment. Sataedu’s Internationality Team is working on launching virtual internationality cooperation. The goal is to create more diverse ways to practice internationality, to maintain good relationships with international partners, to raise awareness of internationality amongst Sataedu’s students and to cultivate the idea of student mobilities.

At Sataedu virtual internationality will be piloted with six European partners. The students in the Motor Vehicle Mechanics field will work together with the French students of Lycée Polyvalent Saint Mathou, the Business Administration students will work in collaboration with German students from Otto-Benneman-Schule, and the students in the Wellness field will be partnered with German students from the Alice-Salomon-Schule. In addition, cooperation is under discussion with Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus in Estonia for Hair and Beauty Care students, and Tartu Art School in Estonia as well as Grimsby College in the UK are potential partners for the students in the Media field. The first virtual workshops will see daylight later in the year 2020.

The International Coordinator Ms Ida-Maria Mäkiranta will arrange a matching international partner for Sataedu’s groups in these aforementioned study fields, coordinate a platform for the virtual workshops and help with arranging the schedules for the workshops.

In the upcoming news we will let you know how the virtual internationality workshops have succeeded.

For more information you can contact Sataedu’s International Coordinator Ms Ida-Maria Mäkiranta, tel. +358 40 199 4495, email


Palaa takaisin Ajankohtaista listaukseen