Information about training and education for non-Finnish-speaking applicants 


Sataedu organises integration and language training for immigrants, preparatory training for vocational education, and vocational training. In many of the training courses, Sataedu cooperates with the TE Services of the Labour Administration. 


TE Services

Integration training

Integration training helps immigrants to become a part of the Finnish society, education and working life. Those who can’t speak Finnish yet are eligible to apply for this training. The training includes Finnish language and communication skills, social and working life skills and a personal professional career plan for you.

When you want to start integration training, contact the Finnish Employment services, TE services, directly. You can register as an unemployed jobseeker even if you are under 18 years old.

Assessing language skills

A language or literacy starting level test provides an assessment of language skills. Apply for the test through the TE services.


You can learn Finnish independently as well:

Different associations, such as The Multicultural Association, provide Finnish language education and training.


The language of education and training at Sataedu is Finnish. A learner applying for Sataedu is required to have sufficient proficiency in the Finnish language, and if necessary, the learner’s language skills are tested in an interview or with a language test. You can apply for Finnish language education through TE Services.

Preparatory Education for Training Leading to a Vocational Qualification

TUVA is an acronym for education that prepares the learner for training that leads to vocational qualification. TUVA education is suitable for young people who want to prepare for training leading to a qualification in upper secondary education. It is also open to adults and immigrants who need preparation for transitioning to vocational education and training. The course requires a satisfactory level of Finnish reading and writing skills.

The TUVA course takes up to one year to complete. A personal study plan is drawn up during TUVA training. TUVA is designed to meet an individual learner’s objectives and competence needs.

Vocational Education and Training

Immigrant learners, whose mother tongue is not Finnish, mainly study in the same groups as native speakers of Finnish. The learner’s developing language skills are taken into account in teaching and the learner is supported during the training. The professional competence requirements are the same for all learners. Some of the learning happens in the workplace. Teaching and qualifications are delivered in Finnish at Sataedu.

We also organise training for immigrants only, such as care assistant training as labour market training. You can apply for these through the TE services.

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