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Distance learning produces results and develops practices

Distance learning under these exceptional circumstances has produced good results at Sataedu. The students are developing their skills and graduating at a steady rate. When necessary, Sataedu has made special arrangements to ensure that a student is able to graduate. For example, those competence demonstrations that could not take place at the work place have been arranged at school. While taking the safety into consideration, of course.

Most of the teachers and instructors at Sataedu use a vast array of pedagogical methods and technical applications in distance learning to guide and teach their students. Many of the teachers and instructors are so inspired by the possibilities of distance learning that they want to utilize and develop these methods in the future as well. To improve their skills on distance learning, Sataedu has offered more training on distance learning methods and on distance learning technology.

Those students who have special needs have been provided with face-to-face learning possibilities. The students have been able to contact the study counselors and training instructors and book meetings with them. The students have been able to contact the staff through different types of applications as well.

Sataedu sent a survey to the teachers and instructors about distance learning, and the results of that survey will be utilized in the future. The most prominent things in the survey answers were the good team spirit, the help from colleagues and IT support, and the sharing of ideas. At some point, the students will also get a survey about distance learning.

It has become evident that the students wish to come back to school to their friends and school lunches. In order to ensure the well-being of the students, on April 6th Sataedu began paying compensation for the missed school lunches to those students who are entitled to free school lunches.

According to Principal Anne Laine (above) the teaching and guidance will not continue the same way as it did before. Instead new more flexible teaching and instruction methods and new digital options will be used more and more in the future.

Palaa takaisin Ajankohtaista listaukseen