Covid-19 Announcement

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Sataedu will not implement any student or staff mobilities in Spring 2021. We won’t host any foreign visitors either, and we also try to avoid having outsiders on Sataedu’s premises. With meetings and communication, we try to utilize digital solutions, so it is easy to get in touch with us remotely.

We are following the guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Therefore, we pay close attention to hand hygiene and to keeping the distance from other people. We also wear masks when in contact with each other and when using public transportation. We do not come to school when sick. Each of our study fields has checked their safety regulations which we follow, and this is how we try to ensure the safety of our students, staff and the customers of our Student Services.

Just like last year, the Covid-19 situation has made it necessary to begin distant learning and working remotely. For three weeks, from March 8th to March 28th, Sataedu’s students and staff will primarily study and work remotely as the Government recommended. On-the-job learning will continue as normal, if the rules of the work place allow it.

Let’s stay strong and look after each other.