Blended Programme

VET students will train, study and experience living in another country from different angles. Participating students follow a curriculum based module at a VET school in the hostcountry. Students will be (partly) examined for the course they follow at home as their work placement is accredited to offer examination. Information on being a EU resident, now as a student and later as an employee, is integrated in the programme to increase awareness and broaden their horizon for opportunities in the future. Students have a preparation programme before departure from home. Students are coached during their complete stay in the hostcountry. Blended Programme is a two-year project cofinanced by Erasmus+. Consortium: CIELS, Carlow International English Language School LANDSTEDE GROUP, Landstede Salland (coordinator) SATAEDU, Satakunta Educational Federation www.sataedu.


Its main objective is to get Blended Programme officially integrated in curriculums of different VET departments. To enable possibilities for participating to do (parts of) exams abroad. We strive to get more professionals’ views in the development of the programme by having teachers, tutors of different workplacements and others attending parts of the boardmeetings. All courses developed to help students will be worked out, evaluated and presented as a deliverable at the end of the project. VET students are challenged to go abroad, follow a well-based programme and be better prepared for their personal and future profession within the EU or further abroad.


Blended Programme will get VET students go cross border. In the first year students will go to Ireland. In the second year of the project students can choose either Finland, Ireland or The Netherlands as their host country. Preparation, content and coaching of the students will be the same in the different countries. We are aware that VET students would like to go abroad during their study when they are more confident about their use of English especially when at work placement abroad. They would also like to have a continuation of their courses in the host country so that when they return home they will not have delay in finishing these. Students will broaden their horizon in knowledge and skills of their future profession, in the natural use of English and learn other languages, and be more aware of their position as a EU citizen. By attending a VET school abroad students are encouraged into interaction and interculturalisation. Participating students will be better prepared for their future within the EU or further abroad.

01.10.2014 - 31.12.2016


Rahoitettu Euroopan unionin Erasmus+ -ohjelmasta.