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Talentjourney (CoVE)

Alkaa: 01.11.2019
Loppuu: 30.10.2021
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA2

​Talentjourney, Platform for
CDS VET ExcellenceStrongly influenced by 4th industrial revolution,
ready for Industry 5.0The automation and AI will change the skills
needed for the workforce.New business
models will appear in all industries. Skill sets required in old and new
occupations will change in most industries and transform how and where people work.
In Nova
Gorica, Velenje,
Kranj, Satakunta,
Tallinn and Udine regions, we want to establish highly collaborative VET
stakeholder ecosystem to answer demands of 4.0 and new society and bring the
regions to the best examples of innovation. We decided to answer skills gap in
manufacturing sector focused on Connectivity Devices and Services that provides
user oriented, user- and eco-friendly solutions


to collect and identify the skills needs in field of manufacturing-Connectivity devices and services to develop a methodology for sustainable data provision on needed skills and create the collection of already existing data from all around the world to train VET teachers, company trainers, experts, VET/company leadership and HR staff and develop sustainable model of continuous professional training in the field of innovative pedagogy, needed skills in the selected field of sector and in design of new educational processes according to new era society, new generations and industry to design the contents and implementation plan for curricula and life-long trainings provision in the most innovative and effective ways according to new society, needs and interests of different generations (Millennials, Z generation, other generations) and new working environments to pilot and test one part of curricula, as well as pilot and deliver life-long trainings, both also by means of virtual environment to develop examples of master class trainings in professional fields of CDS (connected to AI) and in design of new educational processes to establish six demo labs using AI technology for CDS field, also using prototypes of VR and AR. to design service blueprints for sustainable collaborative ecosystems at regional and EU level, where the partners and their stakeholders will bring all their innovative approaches and expertise together and develop them together to the excellence in order to share them regionally, nationally, in EU and beyond the borders of Europe. to design digital platform for guiding the services of Talentjourney

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