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Skills For Wellness

Alkaa: 01.09.2019
Loppuu: 28.02.2022
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA2

The tourism/wellness sector (one of Europe’s biggest markets) becomes more complex - it employs people with various educational backgrounds (from 1 to 3 years of training) and different qualifications (e.g. beauticians, therapists, hairdressers etc.). Keeping up with current developments requires increased levels of skills for people who are/will be working in the sector.
The project "Skills for Wellness" aims at designing transnational sector-wide occupational standards for these professions and developing and assessing competences of employees. The standards will be described as learning outcomes to facilitate transparency and comparability, as well as to increase the recognition of qualifications at European and national level within the sector.
The project addresses the following target groups: (1) VET providers, managers and curriculum designers; (2) Tourism/Wellness sector employers; (3) Tourism/Wellness sector employees (or persons willing to work in this area).


- improvement of vocational educational training paths in the context of skill demands on the wellness sector's labour market and matching with new trends/developments through implementation of common occupational standards; - improvement of the quality and achievement of vocational education trainings paths through more effective ways to train, retrain and upskill current and future employees of the wellness; - facilitation and promotion of assessment measures and recognition of professionals and transversal skills and competences to support mobility for work and learning; - strengthening cooperation between VET providers and representatives of the wellness sector (employers) including relevant stakeholders (associations, organisations working on promotion and sectoral development); - increased capacities of employers in the wellness sector to extend their offers to the global market, which will contribute to increased workers’ skills and therefore extend their employability and key competences; - better understanding and recognition of skills and qualifications in Europe and beyond among respective target groups due to the use of common European transparency instruments (ECVET, EQF).

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