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Alkaa: 01.09.2017
Loppuu: 01.08.2020
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA2

​The SIP Project will contribute to addressing the EU
2020 targets of Reducing the rates of early school leaving below 10% by
trialling and transferring Grade Predictor
a web based tool to enable students to choose the right course across Europe
and avoid dropout whilst studying.  In
particular it will also address 2 of the 2009 ET 2020 EU objectives to address
challenges in education and training systems by 2020  by improving the quality and efficiency of
education and training and promoting equity, social cohesion and active
citizenship.  Our project will upskill
teachers in supporting  students through
pastoral support and guidance to enter and remain in suitable courses.  This includes 
involving parents/family in the process of her/his education. where


Activities The project aims to deliver 2 courses for 56 teachers and other associated professionals, which will provide training on Grade Predictor usage and intervention techniques and resources. The multidisciplinary training will be certificated. 2 multiplier events will be delivered. Methodology The project aims in phase 1 to develop a Grade Predictor tool to be trialled in each partner country. It will cover vocational and general education courses based on local, regional and national data. The trial will include intervention methodologies for supporting students. Phase 2 will be a full implementation stage including the UK, having embraced the lessons learned from the trial and the intervention methods deployed . 690 students will participate in the trial and implementation. A SIP website will be produced and maintained hosting all resources.


Materials will be created to support implementation including user manuals, intervention guides, superb video and institutional case studies. Strategy papers will be produced to target decision makers and influencers across Europe. Grade predictor tools will be available for each partner country.

Consequently more students will benefit from upskilled professionals and from their interactions with them and guidance from them. Retention will be impacted upon and destinations improved. Students will choose well and also have support to remain on courses or choose alternatives. This will be achieved through improved transparency in a digital era.

Palaa takaisin hankkeiden listaukseen