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Alkaa: 01.09.2017
Loppuu: 30.09.2019
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA2

Project: The partnership will investigate the reasons for low or relatively high participation of immigrants/asylum seekers on the different labour markets and the reasons for more or less success in school careers. The partnership will study the Good Practices, that will be delivered by every partner, which will turn the project into a learning partnership for all.It concerns a Transfer of Innovations, beneficial not only for young immigrants/asylum seekers, but also for the societies and economies of the host countries. Partners: MBO RAAD (Netherlands), Sataedu (Finland), SFI Söderort (Sweden), Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg. Bünde (Germany), Tradium (Denmark), Association of Colleges (UK), Summa College (Netherlands), SEMTA (UK) Randers Kommune (Denmark), ROC Mondriaan (Netherlands)  


Impact: It is envisaged to improve the integration procedures in the environment of the partners. For Finland, UK and The Netherlands, this can be on a national level as these three countries are participating with their Associations of VET colleges, that are almost all involved in language learning, guidance to the labour market and cooperating with regional companies. The partners from Sweden and Germany are local authorities, responsible for the immigration policy in their region, whilst the Danish partner is also linked to a wider, national network of providers. Other involved actors: Although, this is a relatively modest proposal without intellectual output, the partnership is ambitious enough to try to have a certain impact on regional, national and European level. At least the findings of this project will be communicated on all these levels, as most of the partners are somehow represented on all these levels. Instruments: We will develop a reflection form, that will be used by all partners after every transnational meeting. Partners will reflect on what they have seen in the other country, whether and how the approaches or instruments are useful in their own situation and why not if that is the case. Finally all these reflection forms from all partners after every meeting will be put together as the main source for the final report.

Palaa takaisin hankkeiden listaukseen