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Satamove 7

Alkaa: 01.08.2020
Loppuu: 31.07.2022
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA1

​With SATAMOVE 7 mobilities, we will continue the good practices of SATAMOVE 2. 3, 4, 5 and 6 projects. One problem with the student mobilities is that the students have cancelled their plans for a mobility period in the middle of the planning stage. The main reason for these cancellations has been the long duration of our mobility periods (5 weeks).The students finish their studies faster than before, so there is no longer room for a 5-week mobility period in their plans. With Satamove 7 we plan to offer our students short group mobilities and long 4-week individual mobility periods. This way we can better match the needs of Generation Z.


Students participating in the Mobility Period are selected through a continuous apply. The internship itself consists of the orientation period of the receiving organization, full-time tutoring, on-the-job learning, continuous self-assessment through the blogs, intermediate and final evaluation through the contact person and work place representative. After the period, the student reflects on his / her period in a jointly-organized online reporting, which also recognizes and acknowledges the periodic formal learning. This reporting is attended by the international contact person, the international coordinator and one teacher from the student’s study field. In addition, we are increasingly focusing on identifying non-formal learning.

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