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Alkaa: 01.09.2017
Loppuu: 30.08.2019
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA3

project aims to establish a reliable and sustainable VET-business partnership
in automotive and automation sectors for human resource planning and
development, which represents all partners’ vision, to: •Support
companies in Nova Gorica
and Satakunta
regions with qualified, creative and skilled employees•Reduce
youth unemployment and skills mismatch•Enable
young people to develop their full potential•Give
young people opportunities to be an active partner in this partnership and
stimulate them for direct networking with company experts, trainers•Establish
and integrate in educational and working processes constant activities for
exchanging professional knowledge/skills between VET teachers and company


Main project’s results represent innovative WBL/APP model and VET teacher-in-company trainer partnership model, with clear definition of partners’ and targets’ roles, responsibilities and activities, which will be integrated into educational and working processes at school and in companies


Report on existing VET-business partnerships and future trends of work

Identification of needs and demands in automotive and automation sector in Nova Gorica and Satakunta regions

Piloting models; guides for targets for implementing new models; on-line learning materials; interactive platform with social media channels.

Palaa takaisin hankkeiden listaukseen