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Alkaa: 01.09.2016
Loppuu: 28.02.2019
Rahoitus: Erasmus+ KA2

In many EU countries, the solid fuel burning stoves and fireplaces are still the main source of heating in households in rural areas accounting for considerable emissions of CO. The project „ENEFFIS“ addresses the need to promote environmentally friendly and energy efficient stove building by developing a common European qualification standard and training curriculum for initial and continuous vocational education and training.Currently the VET programmes delivered in many countries do not focus enough on the energy efficiency and environmental issues of stove building. Meanwhile, the EU has introduced strict requirements for stoves and fireplaces. In order to improve the level of training of stove builders across the EU, the existing qualification standards ant the curricula need to be updated.


The project partnership, representing 4 EU countries will develop an innovative course on energy efficient stove building aiming to empower the stove builders with a new set of skills and competences, with regard to principles and technologies related to the designing and building of energy efficient and green stoves and fireplaces fired by solid fuel. It will develop and offer learning resources on stove building specifically addressing the skills needs in the technical, environmental, regulative and customer consultation aspects. The link to the European reference tools (EQF, ECVET) will support future recognition and validation and will address the mobility needs of the stove builders workforce in Europe.


The project forms a Strategic Partnership to modernize VET for stove builders in the EU aiming at:
- Developing an updated Qualification standard for stove and fireplace builders, accompanied by a modern curriculum and training/learning materials;

Palaa takaisin hankkeiden listaukseen