Values and strategy

Sataedu operates in accordance with the jointly agreed mission statements and values below.

Sataedu is a creative learning and development network, which generates dynamic professional competence and well-being.

Our work is based on the customers’ needs. We develop flexible and individual ways of providing educational and development services. We provide education to people of different ages and with different backgrounds. We operate in partnership with working life.

We create positive enthusiasm towards developing competence and expertise as well as towards regional development.

We take care of the well-being of the students and personnel. We act in a responsible and transparent manner. We build the future on solutions that are environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable. A good working environment is important to us. Sataedu is a non-smoking work community.


Sataedu’s strategy 2013–2016

The leading edges of Sataedu's applicable strategy and their content are summarised below.

Focus on the student

We provide instruction and education in an individual and flexible manner, taking the student’s needs into consideration. In our instruction and education, we use flexible study paths created at Sataedu. Key factors for successful learning are well-functioning relationships with students, pro-learning attitude of personnel, cooperation skills and provision of counselling.

Impact on regional development

Sataedu has an impact on regional development by generating professional competence needed in working life and by producing high-quality educational services. Sataedu is a strong developer of working life. We conduct cooperation in the anticipation of vocational education and create an operational model for anticipation together with other providers of education and regional authorities in the Satakunta region.

Sataedu in action

We improve and intensify the performance of the entire organisation. Sataedu’s operations are based on the appropriate positioning and clarity of responsibilities, on compliance with rules and regulations and on precision.