Sataedu, the Satakunta Educational Federation, was established when strong providers of education in the region merged at the beginning of 2010. The solid educational background provides a good basis for future operations. The member municipalities of the Municipal Federation are Eura, Harjavalta, Honkajoki, Huittinen, Jämijärvi, Kankaanpää, Karvia, Kihniö, Kokemäki, Köyliö, Lavia, Merikarvia, Nakkila, Pomarkku, Siikainen, Säkylä and Ulvila.

Sataedu trains professionals for working life. We train young people for more than 20 professions. Sixteen basic qualifications are available in youth education.

In adult education, we offer more than ten basic qualifications. Furthermore, Sataedu offers vocational and specialist vocational qualifications.



We also arrange language training, continuing education and certification and training, as well as tailored education for working life.

Sataedu has units in Harjavalta, Huittinen, Kankaanpää, Kokemäki, Nakkila and Ulvila. We also operate in Tampere and Rauma

Sataedu has approximately 2,600 students. Nearly 350 competent members of Sataedu staff are in charge of their education, services and regional development.

We are building the future with our students in an ecological and economical manner. A good working environment is important to us.