Young People (IVET)



Education for immigrants

Sataedu has plenty of experience in integration training and training needed for work-based immigration. In addition to training designed for immigrants, we arrange multiculturalism training for enterprises. We also arrange language training designed to meet the needs of enterprises.


Sataedu is a pioneer in online training. Online training makes language studies also available to those who cannot attend daytime education due to work or a long distance. For example, we have trained nursing staff coming from Bulgaria, Spain, the Philippines and Portugal to work in Finland.

Our languages of instruction are English, Swedish, German, Russian, Estonian, Spanish, Italian and French. We also provide interpretation services in Russian, Estonian, English, German, Italian and French.

The following educational options are designed for immigrants

  • integration training
  • training preparation for basic vocational training
  • short-term Finnish language training
  • training designed for illiterate persons
  • training leading to a further qualification in sales (in Tampere and as online training)
  • training organised in countries of origin (Finnish language training for those who come to work in Finland)
  • community interpreter training

Integration training and training preparation for basic vocational training introduce the attendees to the Finnish language, Finnish culture and working life skills. The preparatory training aims to provide sufficient language skills with which the student can embark on vocational studies.