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Sataedu offers high-quality education for young people, adults and those in working life.
We train young people for more than 20 professions, enhance professional competence for adults and offer tailored training events for entrepreneurs and enterprises.
Sataedu has 3,000 students. Their education, services and regional development duties lie in the hands of  almoust 300 competent Sataedu employees.
Sataedu, the Satakunta Educational Federation, was established when strong providers of education in the region merged at the beginning of 2010. The solid educational background provides a good basis for future operations.
The Satakunta Educational Federation utilises the multidisciplinary competence and international contacts of the various fields in its internationalisation efforts. Sataedu has an active cooperation network consisting of European educational institutions, which enables mobility, international projects and on-the-job learning abroad. Internationalisation is a target-oriented and visible part of Sataedu's operations.
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For more information, please contact: marko.kemppinen [at] sataedu.fi
Marko Kemppinen, Satakunta Educational Federation, Head of International Affairs
Tel. +358 40 199 4302
PO Box 87, Suoratie 1,FI-32801 Kokemäki

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