Larnaka Alive!

29.10.2016 11:19 -- janreu

Saturday evening on the 22nd of October I, the beauty teacher met two beautician students Sini Jokinen and Iida Kuusela in Huittinen and we started our trip to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.  First pit stop was in Forssa, Autokeidas gas station and suddenly in the ladies room I met my old colleagues Sanna Stenfors, Sirkku Kurunmäki and Jarla Heiniö from Kauneus Deea, wonderful surprise :) Really good start for the trip.

Then we arrived safely to Airport, we took little snap and we were almost first persons at 4.00 o’clock who leaved bags to the drop-in. Then we had boarding for the first flight to the Munchen. And this was the girls first flight ever. In the Munchen Airport we had to use train to switch the flight to Larnaca… We had also extra passport control, after that girls were little bit excited. I had to say that I was too, because their cheerfulness was so contagious. We did eat early lunch in Munchen and then we went to the gate for boarding… then I heard that the airport receptionist proclaimed Ms. Jokine, Ms Jokine, please contact here…. So we went to the desk and Sini’s baggage identification number were changed… So with this information we started our next flight to the Larnaca. Luckily we got our bags and we could go to take a taxi to the Sun Hall Hotel Apartments. It’s just beside the beach and only for 5 minutes walk from Thea’s Beauty Care salon.


On Monday morning 24th of October the girls started their mobility period and what a pleasure I could be with the students whole week. We had a meeting at our hotel with the owner of Thea’s Beauty Care Salon, Thea Theoktistou. She could have a pedicure from the girls at the first day.  At the first day they could practice pedicure and manicure with Cyprus style. I was helping little bit with language for the work. Thea gave very good instructions, she is marvelous with students. I really enjoyed Thea’s company and her sense of humor, really great! Girls could practice for real customers, what I think is number one thing how to learn this profession. Even I could have a facial, my dreamday!

For the second day girls could practice basic waxing, massage and facial with me and Thea. Girls are used to sugaring method, but we survived and they learned new things from all of treatments. I was happy to give individual guidance only for them. We had long days from 10 to 19 but we could keep long lunch break as siesta… We enjoyed that time in the beach, of course!

On Wednesday girls went by their own to the Thea’s Beauty Care and I had a business meeting with Mr. Klitos Symeonides, the President at Cyprus Adult Education Association and with Mr. Panicos Paralimnitis, the Managing Director from the Sun Hall Beach Hotel APTS./Eleonora Hotel APTS./Augusta Beach Hotel APTS./Flokkas Hotel APTS/Amaro Hotel. Thanks to Mr. Klitos Symeonides we did all our paperwork for this beauticians mobility period and co-operated for next mobilities for catering students.


On Thursday I and girls could have half day off so we went shopping to the Mall in the Nicosia. Great time for us, wonderful shopping indeed! On afternoon we were back to business again. But on Friday 28th of October in Cyprus is a holiday, so the beauty care was closed. But we received an invitation from Mr. Panicos Paralimnitis to go to Protaras and look for hotels and catering issues for next mobilities. What an gentleman is Mr. Maestro.  It was lovely morning and great opportunities for our students to get workpractice in beautiful Protaras.

And then Mr. Paralimnitis transported us to the WaterWorld, Ayia Napa. What a place! There we enjoyed sun and waterpark whole afternoon. Unluckily we missed our buss but we negotiated taxi transfer back to Larnaca with a good price. Driver asked some kisses to the price but that was out of limit :)

Well now is the last day forward to this beauty teacher… I’m going to the beach and relax…

The Girls will continue their learning process on next week but with an another teacher.

My flights back to home start tomorrow morning, I wish to come back to this lovely country, Cyprus!

ps. I myself have taken all these photos except where I'm, those photos has taken student Sini Kuusela and I have promise to use all the photos :)