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Well, where should I start… First of all, this internationality period is two weeks of “hygge” for me… which means that I’m having a very nice time in Denmark. Did you know that Danish people are the happiest in the world…

I’m the professional teacher of beauty in Kokemäki, Finland. I arrived to Copenhagen the 1st of April. Wednesday was my first day at the local beauty school CPH WEST. I got a tour in three different floors. I saw hairdressing students and students of cosmetic and fitness, all together over one hunred. I almost got lost! Luckily a local teacher Linda Meinertz is taking care of me as you can see from the photo.


Till now I’ve been learning the Danish way to teach pedicure and manicure. Here is a photo from manicure.

My next move is to go to the city center to do, as you probably already guessed… some SHOPPING!!!

Week 15 started with the Danish facial treatments. I helped local students with the treatments when they had the real customers. On Wednesday I did all the paperwork what needed to send the exchange students from Finland to here. After paperwork it was nice to go to the “golden” facial treatment by myself to Exuviance clinic to the city. Thanks to my old study friend Lauri Salmi from the University of Applied Sciences Turku, Finland. He is now working with the Exuviance products in Denmark and in Finland.

On Thursday morning I supervised exams at the school. Then I had a lunch meeting with Signe Trap Jensen who is educational and vocational guidance in the CPH WEST. We discussed about national curriculums and were preparing the Learning Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding. After meeting I took an excursion to the beauty salon for only men. The Men’s Room salon was a really worth to visit. Magnificent brand, I say!


On Friday I was visiting in different kinds of Spa Salons with the local beauty teacher Linda. She organized visits in the four different places… what a day… I said to Linda that I’m speechless. I think that the Well-come Spa were very nice place. Look more from



Of course you can find more photos of my internationality period in Copenhagen from:


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