VET as a first Choice - EU presidency conference in Sofia

27.04.2018 14:06 -- jaakir


I had the privilege to join the EU presidency conference in Sofia at late April. One theme in the conference was Innovation in VET. Several different innovations were introduced. It was my pleasure to introduce MeWeT home. MeWeT home is Smart home is an excellent example of learning environment for students of vocational education and for students of University of Applied Science. It’s also innovation platform for companies, vet providers and higher education. MeWeT home is partially financed by two different ESF projects. MeWeT is acronym of Multifunctional enviroment for Well-being enhancing technology. MeWeT home is welfare technology environment for learning, research and development.


In my presentation in EU presidency conference, I raised up certain approaches. There are many levels of innovations in MeWeT home. In the project time, many fields of study involved in building the MeWeT home. In addition, we have excellent cooperation between VET provider and Higher education institution. More than 20 companies has participated to the project and still work continues with certain key partners. Erasmus+ students from VET and from higher education are vital part of MeweT home. Mostly innovations are considered as a high tech innovation. In MeWeT home there is of course most up-to-the-minute technology but also low technology approaches that are very useful and easily adaptable to support living environment for elderly people.


It is always joy to disseminate excellence in VET in European Forums particularly Finnish excellence.


Matti Isokallio

Director, Sataedu


 MeWeT video  (3'33)